Forum's Participants


Umberto ECO----Philosopher / Semioticien - Italy
QIU Xigui ---- Paleographer - China
Hervé JOUANJEAN---- Political scientist - France
ZHOU Hong---- Political historian - China
Julia KRISTEVA---- Semioticien / Psychoanalyst – France
ZHAO Tingyang---- Philosopher - China
Björn WITTROCK---- Sociologist - Sweden
LU Jiande---- Cultural theorist - China
Jean-Marc TERRASSE---- Historian of arts - France
XU Bing---- Artist - China
Vincent POMARÈDE---- Historian of arts - France
HAN Shaogong---- Writer - China
Phivos-Angelos KOLLIAS---- Composer - Greece
ZHU Qingsheng---- Artist / Curator - China
Marian GALIK---- Sinologist - Slovakia
HUANG Ping---- Political sociologist - China
Rem KOOLHAAS---- Architect - Holland
CUI Zhiyuan---- Political scientist - China
Alvaro Gil ROBLES---- Former Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe - Spain
WANG Shaoguang---- Political scientist - China
Piotr SZTOMPKA---- Sociologist - Poland
PAN Wei---- Political scientist – China
Rainer HUDEMANN---- Historian – Germany
Alain LE PICHON---- Anthropologist - France
HUANG Ping---- Sociologist - China
Peter SLOTERDIJK---- Philosopher - Germany